How Learning Marathi Online helped a Restaurateur in Pune grow her Business Team04 July 2024

Food and language are two elements that instantly bring people together. The right dishes can win over many hearts, and the right words can win over many people. For restaurateur Noopur Jain, combining both was the recipe for her success! So why did learning Marathi online become necessary for Noopur?

Photo of Noopur Jain, learner of Bhasha's Marathi Classes Online

Noopur's commitment to Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

Noopur runs a restaurant in Pune. The joint is not only frequented by locals but managed by Marathi-speaking staff. Running a kitchen that customers swear by has always been Noopur’s cherished dream. Working with locals to add a homegrown flavour to her delicacies was also part of her vision.

While both goals did come true, there was a small hurdle that kept nagging her again and again. Hailing from Chattisgarh, Noopur didn’t know how to speak Marathi. This meant she could not coherently converse with her Marathi-speaking customers. More importantly, she always found it difficult to seamlessly communicate with her staff.

It was something that always bothered the self-made businesswoman. The one missing link that could take her business skills to the next level. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for guest relations and her dedication to delivering exceptional hospitality, Noopur knew that the only way to clear this obstacle was by upskilling her linguistic prowess. It was time to professionally learn Marathi.

How to Learn Marathi Amidst a Busy Schedule?

Due to her busy schedule of running multiple businesses, Noopur started looking for Marathi classes online. As luck would have it, Noopur came across an online Marathi learning program that provided weekly Marathi classes according to her timings and convenience. “Is that all it takes?” Noopur wondered as she too enrolled in the same course.

That small leap of faith turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she entered the incredible world of language learning. This wasn’t an ordinary course. It was designed to make people understand Marathi rather than mugging up a few basic phrases.

Screengrab of Bhasha's English to Marathi Learning curriculum

Screengrab of Bhasha's How to Learn Marathi Course

Shilpa Ma'am's Tips & Tricks for English to Marathi Speaking

Photo of Shilpa Ma'am, Bhasha's Kannada Language Tutor

The success story began with Shilpa, Noopur’s designated tutor. Shilpa wasn’t just a face on the other side of the screen, she was someone who genuinely wanted to build a bond of trust with Noopur to build her confidence.

Screengrab of Noopur Learning Marathi Online with Shilpa Ma'am

Noopur and Shilpa worked in tandem, and they never seemed to miss a beat. Shilpa encouraged Noopur to not be afraid of occasional fumbles while talking in Marathi, as it was all part of the process. Noopur learned how to trust Shilpa and went through the ropes with her. Another thing that made it easy for Noopur to learn Marathi was Shilpa Ma'am's tips and tricks for English to Marathi speaking along with tips on how to learn Marathi through Hindi. Understanding the difference in grammar made sure to register the basics of mastering spoken Marathi.

After Learning Marathi Online with Shilpa Ma'am

By the time the course was coming to an end, Noopur had already started talking to her staff in Marathi and welcoming her customers in the local tongue. This development did have a tangible benefit for businesses too.

Noopur noticed how her staff responded better to her instructions, and how local communities began to visit her establishment in large numbers. Engaging with people in their own language worked wonders, just as she had predicted.

Food and language can indeed bring people together. However, in both cases, nothing is possible without intent. Learning Marathi online for her business became Noopur's game-changing decision. The rest, as they say, is history.

Looking for Marathi Classes Online?

If you or someone you know is wondering how to learn Marathi, then look no further. Learning Marathi online is now easy with Bhasha's online Marathi language classes. And, to join a group of enterprising individuals like Noopur who are committed to connecting with their customers and growing their business, you can learn an Indian language online with Bhasha's online language learning programs and kick-start your learning journey!

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