Why a Journalist from New York decided to Learn Kannada Online

Bhasha.io Team06 July 2024

We are super excited to you tell the story of one of our learners, Beena Raghav, who hails from New York, USA. Beena enrolled and completed our online Spoken Kannada Course recently and in this post we will delve into her motivation behind learning the Kannada language, and her learning experience with us. So what made Beena decide to learn Kannada online?

Photo of Beena Raghav who decided to learn Kannada online

An Indian who grew up in the US

Coming from a family of chaste Kannada speakers, Beena did pick up a spattering of the dialect by listening to loved ones, but the Brooklyn-based storyteller was never proficient in the language. “I live in New York. I grew up in the U.S. I speak English fluently. Throughout my life, I have spoken only a little Kannada with my relatives," she said.

Most of Beena’s knowledge of Kannada was through long and memorable chats with her grandmother. In a city where English is all you need on a social and professional level, her ‘half good’ Kannada never stuck out like a sore thumb.

But, as she grew older, Beena sensed a deeper connection to her roots. She wanted to decipher the traditions her family swears by. She wished to understand the culture that was part of her childhood. It didn’t take much time before Beena yearned to speak Kannada in a free-flowing and fluent way. “I wanted to formally learn Kannada because it is the language that my family speaks."

The Need to Learn Kannada Online

In the digital age, it's easy to find courses that help you master regional languages. The only problem was that Beena is a New Yorker, not a resident Indian. She needed a course that aligned with her time zone and factored in her unfamiliarity with Indian teaching systems. A thorough researcher since her younger days, Beena browsed every corner of the internet before landing on a course that seemed to be the perfect match. She found online Kannada classes where she could learn Kannada online at flexible times.

Screengrab of Bhasha's Kannada Speaking Classes Curriculum

Screengrab of Bhasha's Online Kannada Classes Curriculum

The Perfect Course to Learn Kannada through English

Photo of Aishwarya Ma'am who helped Beena learn Kannada through English

A few weeks into enrolling in the Kannada speaking classes, Beena realized that this course would most certainly teach her to speak in Kannada with confidence. All of this was possible due to Aishwarya Ma'am, her trainer who had the patience, experience and intent to make Beena’s dreams come true. Talking about their sessions, Beena said, “Learning Kannada from Aishwarya Ma'am changed my life. She was kind and understanding, while also building my confidence in the language. I will cherish the memories of our classes".

Screengrab of Beena attending Bhasha's Kannada Speaking Classes

Post-Completion of Kannada Speaking Classes

Having completed the Kannada speaking classes, Beena is now able to communicate with her family in Kannada. She feels an even deeper connection to her family and the place they came from. Signing off on a happy note, she said, “I recently got married and hope to teach my children Kannada, too”.

Beena may be miles away from India, but the decision to learn Kannada online has brought her closer to the land than ever before. That’s the power of learning different languages. It can change your perspective and evolve your thinking.

Looking for Online Kannada Classes?

If you or someone you know is looking to learn Kannada online then be sure to check out Bhasha's Kannada speaking classes, a course that is recommended by all its learners. Here one can learn Kannada through English, Hindi and other regional languages.

Beena is one of many learners who mastered their mother tongue at a later age. If you are one of those souls who wish to reconnect with their native language then Bhasha.io provides online Indian language learning for various Indian languages like Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali etc.

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