Why a Career Counsellor from Jabalpur decided to join Online Marathi Language Classes

Bhasha.io Team20 June 2024

Moving to a new city comes with its fair share of rigours, and in a country like India, it brings the added challenge of facing a different culture and an unknown local language! While lakhs of people relocate to different cities in Maharashtra every year, many feel left out due to their inability to speak Marathi. One such person going through language dissonance was Chittrarth Verma. When the career counsellor shifted base to Pune in 2014, joining Marathi language classes to learn the local language seemed necessary as he found the city’s identity to be entwined with its native tongue of Marathi.

Photo of Chittrarth Verma, a learner of Bhasha's Marathi Language Classes

The Need to Join Spoken Marathi Classes

As someone who only spoke English and Hindi, the Jabalpur native discovered that he was lost in translation among the Punekars. He sensed an invisible barrier in striking conversations with the people around him. He felt a lack of verbal bonding while chatting with pals from Pune. This divide became more evident during counselling sessions with his Marathi-speaking students.

Sharing his views on being exposed to a new language, Chittrarth said, “I always thought that those who speak more than just Hindi-English are intellectually richer. Due to Hindi being a popular language in India, a lot of people from other parts learn it just by listening to it. The same is not the case here.”

Photo of Chittrarth Verma, a career counsellor who enrolled in Bhasha's spoken Marathi classes

Being an educator himself, Chittrarth knew that the solution to his woes lies in learning, and in this case, learning Marathi online in order to work around his busy schedule. “I always wanted to learn other Indian languages. The diversity our country has is so beautiful. Learning other languages is the best way, in my opinion, to respect this diversity,” he said.

A Google Search for Online Marathi Classes

After browsing the internet and considering some recommendations, he enrolled in online Marathi classes that could help him master the basics of Marathi in no time. Although he is a curious person by nature, Chittrarth was afraid of picking up an alien language at his age. The misconception that you can only absorb languages in your early years was running in his head! These nerves immediately vanished when he came face to face with Swati, the assigned language tutor for the spoken Marathi classes.

Photo of Swathi P who helped Chittrath in learning Marathi online

A Superb Marathi Language Tutor

Unlike his initial doubts and trepidations, Chittrarth realized he was in a safe space where there were no judgments. Swati allowed him to fearlessly make mistakes and spout his bits and pieces version of Marathi with no hesitation. Becoming a well-wisher and not just a teacher, she instilled in Chittrarth the belief that he could be a fluent Marathi speaker.

It was just a matter of days before the man with no knowledge of Marathi prior to joining the Marathi language classes, cultivated friendships with locals who were more than happy to help him in his mission. Gung-ho about the entire experience, Chittrarth said, “I feel blessed to be under the guidance of Swati Ma'am. I have increased my learning circle and got to know a few more people who have been kind enough to shower their treasure of knowledge on me.”

After Learning Marathi Online

Even before the completion of his course, Chittrarth gained the confidence to speak Marathi on a daily basis. He applied his learnings to his counselling sessions and noticed a palpable change in the way he communicated with students. That ‘invisible barrier’ was no longer separating him from his pupils. “As a trainer, it increased my relevance to those audiences who speak Marathi and expect the trainer to be well-versed in the local language," Chittrarth added.

Screenshot of Chittrarth attending Bhasha's Online Marathi Classes

The same language that prevented his wish to truly connect with a city now became the reason he befriended new people, and bonded better with his students. Today, after successfully completing the Marathi Language classes with Swathi Ma'am, Chittrarth no longer sees himself as an outsider, but an organic part of the place. His career is showing more promise than ever before, as the young minds of Pune look at him as one of them. All it took was making the right decision and the click of a few buttons!

Bhasha's Marathi Language Classes

If you, or someone you know, would also like to learn the Marathi language, check out Bhasha's online Marathi language classes and light up the quest for learning!

And, to join a group of enterprising individuals like Chittrarth who never let language come in between them and success, you can learn an Indian language online with Bhasha's online language learning programs and kick-start your learning journey!

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