Why the Deputy GM of SBI Bank chose to learn Marathi online

Bhasha.io Team24 January, 2024

When you think of Mumbai, you think of diversity! Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil – the city of dreams is also the city of many languages. But if there’s one tongue that binds all Mumbaikars together, it is Marathi. From the roadside tea stall to the neighborhood bank, Marathi acts as an all-access pass to get the best out of the city’s people.

As powerful as the language is though, learning Marathi is not that easy, let alone speaking it fluently in record time! So, how did Vijayalakshmi Sundaram, the Deputy Manager of SBI, learn Marathi online in a matter of weeks?

Photo of Vijayalakshmi who chose to learn Marathi online

The Need to Learn Marathi Online

As someone who is fond of embracing different cultures and languages, Vijayalakshmi knew she wanted to be a Marathi speaker from the moment she moved to Mumbai. “I love learning new languages, so I found a good reason to learn Marathi while I am in Mumbai,” she said.

Her positive intent served as the first push toward learning Marathi. The second push came from necessity. Being senior staff at a leading bank in Mumbai meant she had to improve her understanding of the local tongue to meet her customers' needs and speak with bank staff.

Surrounded by many reasons to learn to speak Marathi, Vijayalakshmi also faced some hurdles. A working woman with a 9-to-5 job can’t devote too many daylight hours to attending traditional language classes. She wondered if the syllabus and teaching would suit a novice like her. These thoughts constantly roamed her mind.

The Perfect Marathi Speaking Course for Working Professionals

Vijayalakshmi had the will, so it was inevitable that she would find a way. The online world became a viable option for her to learn Marathi. A Google search for online Marathi classes led her to an online Marathi speaking course that seemed to be the perfect solution for individuals with busy schedules as it offered the flexibility to be taken anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for professionals like Vijayalakshmi to learn a new language at their convenience. Furthermore, it had a simple syllabus and excellent linguistic educators. It ticked all the boxes!

The Best Marathi Tutors Online

Upon enrolling in the course, she was met with a dash of nostalgia, going back to her childhood days. Whether in school or adult life, a good teacher can always make pupils excel, Vijayalakshmi realized as she began sessions with Ms. Swathi, her official Marathi language tutor.

Photo of Swathi P, the Marathi tutor of Bhasha's online Marathi speaking course

Swathi Ma'am's teaching style made the process enjoyable and comfortable, fostering a supportive environment for learning. Talking about her experience with Swathi, Vijayalakshmi said, “I found a very nice teacher in Miss Swathi. She makes learning Marathi so easy and so comfortable! I’m very happy to learn the language with her.”

The Best Marathi Language Course Curriculum

It’s not often that a curriculum caters to the needs of every individual student. To her amazement, Vijayalakshmi was taught Marathi for day-to-day conversations as well as banking-related communications.

Screenshot of the live online Marathi classes with Swathi Ma'am 

The Marathi curriculum was thoughtfully structured for quick and efficient learning. The carefully designed modules ensure seamless progression, allowing Vijayalakshmi to learn Marathi online easily, quickly, and effectively.

Screenshot of Bhasha's online Marathi Language course curriculum 

Screenshot of the Marathi lessons that helped Vijayalakshmi learn the Marathi language online

In a few weeks, she engaged in better and clearer chats with staff, thanks to her ‘work in progress’ Marathi. In another few weeks, ‘Vijayalakshmi Madam’ became a fan favorite among customers as her pronunciation and prowess improved.

As the saying goes, life is about choices. Had Vijayalakshmi chosen to stay stuck in a language barrier and not come out of her shell, she never would have experienced the joys she has today. Her choice to learn Marathi online, make time after a busy day at work, and put in the needed practice is what makes her a happy and proud Marathi-speaking Mumbaikar.

Want to learn the Marathi Language Online?

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