Why the Deputy GM of SBI Bank chose to learn the Marathi language online?

Bhasha.io Team22 February 2024

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where diverse cultures converge, Vijayalakshmi Sundaram, Deputy General Manager at the State Bank of India, embarked on a Marathi learning journey. In this blog, we explore why an accomplished banking professional chose to learn Marathi online and how Bhasha’s tailored approach to Marathi language learning made all the difference.


The Perfect Marathi Speaking Course for Working Professionals

Vijayalakshmi Sundaram, Deputy GM at SBI

Vijayalakshmi Sundaram, a seasoned banking professional with a wealth of experience, found herself relocating to Mumbai in June 2023. Eager to integrate into the local culture, and be able to communicate effectively with her customers and employees, she recognized the importance of learning Marathi, the heart and soul of Maharashtra. However, her demanding role as Deputy GM at SBI left her with little time for traditional language classes.


Enter Bhasha.io – the perfect solution for individuals with busy schedules. Our online Marathi classes offer the flexibility to be taken anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for professionals like Vijayalakshmi to learn a new language at their convenience.


The Perfect Marathi Language Course Curriculum

A sneak peek into Bhasha.io's Marathi Curriculum 

A sneak peek from Bhasha.io's Marathi Curriculum

At Bhasha.io, we understand that learning to speak a new language can be an exciting yet daunting task. That's why our Marathi curriculum is thoughtfully structured for quick and efficient learning. In the first level one can learn the basics of Marathi language, sentence construction and the correct vocabulary and pronunciation of Marathi words. The carefully designed modules ensure seamless progression, allowing learners to learn the Marathi language easily, quickly and effectively. 


The Best Marathi Tutors Online

 Swati Patel, Vijayalakshmi Sundaram's Online Marathi Trainer

Vijayalakshmi's success story wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the crucial role played by our Marathi language coach, Swathi Ma'am. Her positive experience is a testament to the expertise of our instructors, with a special mention for Miss Swathi, her Marathi teacher. Miss Swathi's teaching style made the process enjoyable and comfortable, fostering a supportive environment for learning.

Swati Patil taking an online class using Bhasha.io's Marathi Study Materials. 

What Vijayalaksmi has to say about our Spoken Marathi Classes


"Hello everyone, I am Vijayalakshmi Sundaram, a deputy general manager with the State Bank of India and currently posted in Mumbai. I was transferred to Mumbai in June 2023. I love learning new languages so I found a good reason to learn Marathi while I am in Mumbai so I can communicate in the local language of Mumbai. And so I enrolled in online Marathi classes at Bhasha.io.

I’m very happy with the way they are teaching the language. I have a very nice teacher, Miss Swathi. She makes learning Marathi so easy and comfortable and I’m very happy to learn the language. I just want to say two things in Marathi. Marathi khoop Gode Bhasha Aahe aani majhyi Marathi teacher Khoop changli aahe. ("Marathi is a very sweet language and my Marathi teacher is very good"). Thank you."


Vijayalakshmi Sundaram's decision to learn Marathi online with Bhasha.io reflects not only a commitment to personal growth but also a strategic move to connect with the vibrant local culture of Mumbai. Her success story is a shining example of how our online Marathi classes, flexible schedules, experienced coaches, and structured curriculum can make language learning accessible and enjoyable for busy professionals.


Are you looking to learn the Marathi language?

Our Marathi language classes continue to empower individuals like Vijayalakshmi to break linguistic barriers, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of India's rich tapestry of languages. Join us on this linguistic journey, and unlock new possibilities with Bhasha.io. 

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