Why this Astrologer from Tamil Nadu decided to Learn Hindi Online

Bhasha.io Team23 May 2024

Santhanashree, learner of Bhasha'a online Hindi speaking course

When will our son get married? Should I go abroad? Such questions are staple food in the life of any Indian astrologer. But our Astrologer had questions of her own. "How to learn spoken Hindi? Will I finally be able to learn Hindi online?"

Astrology has been a rich part of this country’s culture. Tarot card reading is another practice that finds growing relevance in modern India. For Ms. Santhanashree, these two crafts defined her career which spanned over two decades.

A Successful Career in Astrology and Tarot Reading

TV screengrab of Santhanashree who decided to learn Hindi online

A successful astrologer and tarot card reader since 2003, Santhanashree earned her tutelage under the guidance of noted guru Shri K.B. Gopalakrishnan. She has made regular appearances on primetime Tamil television shows as a consultant and caters to a wide clientele throughout the globe. Assisting pensive souls to know what’s in store, and helping them navigate tricky waters has been something that brings her true joy. With a successful journey and many happy patrons, she is one of those people who loves what she is doing and is doing what she loves.

But, there is one stumbling block that was holding her back from taking the next big leap in her career. The inability to expand her audience beyond Tamil speakers, and the inefficiency in picking up spoken Hindi, a language common to many parts of the country.

How to Learn Spoken Hindi?

Talking about her predicament, Santhanashree said, “I was faced with many situations where I was required to speak in Hindi with my clients from the north of India, but I was not able to learn to speak Hindi properly”.

The avid learner did give Hindi an earnest shot. May it be spending hours watching videos on YouTube or attending umpteen sessions with local tutors, she left no stone unturned in her quest to grasp the language. However, none of those options helped her understand how to apply Hindi in the field of astrology and tarot reading. The knowledge on offer was fairly generic and not customized for her profession. After countless failed attempts, it had come to a stage when Santhanashree began to question if she would ever be able to speak Hindi fluently. But, sometimes, the toughest problems have the easiest solutions!

The Perfect Online Hindi Speaking Course for Santhanashree

A random Google search introduced Santhanashree to an online Hindi speaking course that seemed different. This Hindi language course had a great success ratio and glowing reviews. Skeptical at first, she decided to take one last shot and join the program. To her pleasant surprise, this turned out to be one of the best choices she made.

Santhanashree was matched with a Hindi tutor who understood the reason why she wanted to learn Hindi, and modified her teaching methods to suit that goal. The learning sessions were constructed to give her real-world benefit and not just academic knowledge. Being a punctual disciplinarian herself, she was also delighted that her classes always began on time, something that was clearly missing from earlier experiences.

Online tutor of Bhasha's Hindi language course, Swathi P

Sharing her thoughts on her tutor, Santhanashree said, “The first surprise was my Hindi tutor Swathi Ma'am. She would make me write scenarios like…suppose you get a client from Mumbai or Delhi. How will you talk to them? How will you explain the horoscope details to them in Hindi? In this way, I was able to learn Hindi online and add it to my technical jargon, which was a unique thing. My whole Hindi language has improved to a great extent."

Post-completion of the Hindi Language Course

Today, if any Hindi-speaking client approaches Sanathanshree, no language barrier mars the conversation. She can not only understand what her Hindi customers are saying but also reply confidently in the same tongue. Witnessing a healthy surge in inquiries and bookings, her decision to learn Hindi online has clearly expanded her professional opportunities.

One could look at Sanathanshree’s story and commend her passion and persistence in learning an alien language. One can also look at her story, and realize how sometimes, a final push is all that’s needed to reach the end goal!

Want to Learn Hindi Online?

If you wish to learn Hindi online, be sure to check out Bhasha's Online Hindi language course. The program provides online Hindi classes by excellent tutors at flexible times.

And, to join a tribe of fellow learners like Sanathanshree who never let language come in between them and success, you can learn an Indian language online with Bhasha's online language learning programs and kick-start your learning journey!

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